Digital Marketing Packages

Our digital marketing packages are geared towards producing results — increased website traffic, targeted reach, leads, conversions, and sales.

How much is digital marketing with Steps?

Each client has unique needs, so what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Because of this, each marketing program we craft is customized to each client's goals.

We offer retainer service plans that include a set number of hours that we devote to build your brand and drive sales. We'll adapt and tailor your campaigns in response to live data, creating better results than any single-point engagement.

Our fees are less expensive than hiring in-house positions, and you'll get access to an entire team: consultants/strategists, social media journalists, graphic designers, technology wizards, and lead generation/conversion experts.


We can create & execute:
Social media campaigns | On-going social media postings | Ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google | Video promotion & editing for web | Graphic materials for web & print | New creative ideas to grow your business


Basic Approx 4 hours of Agency Work

does not include adspend
  • 2 Social Media Posts Per Week
  • 1 Managed Ad Platform with Ad Creation
  • Technical Support (We're nerds, let us help you)
  • Marketing and Advertising Consulting
  • Analytics and Campaign Assessment


Premium Approx 36 hours of Agency Work

does not include adspend
  • Comprehensive Social Media Engagement
  • 2+ Managed Ad Platforms with Ad Creation
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing and Advertising Consulting
  • Analytics and Campaign Assessment
  • Monthly Reports
  • Web Development Projects
  • Graphic Design Projects
  • Full Campaign Engagement, Including:
    • Strategy & Campaign Design
    • Video Ads with Captions
    • Event Marketing
    • A/B Testing
    • Goal Funneling
    • Grow Likes + Followers
    • Landing Pages
Size, scope, and availability of web development and graphic design projects will depend on contract length of marketing retainer


Our website development projects usually start with an investment of $5,000 or more. We'll discuss design direction and strategy, then design and develop your project all in-house to create the best possible product for your business. We'll handle all the hosting and ongoing maintenance, making sure your website is always looking and performing its best. From minimalistic to intricate, we can create an online presence you'll be proud of.

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